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Our staff is our greatest strength! Our friendly team is highly qualified and easy for you to talk with. They have years of veterinary experience and all have pets themselves. Call us and stop by to see for yourself!

Shannon giving love to our patient "LuLu"


Shannons dog "Ditto"

I have been working at All About Cats for over 10 years already! I especially enjoy getting to know our patients and their "people" and getting the opportunity to see the kitties grow from kitten hood to their senior years. I love that the size of our practice allows us to form these relationships with our clients and our patients.

My cat "Precious" is the smallest in the house but the best hunter. Any little creature that comes into the house she's sure to bring to us!

"Alice," my toothless, fat, male cat (yes, male) doesn't let his lack of teeth keep him from pigging out on anything available.

"Ditto" is my mixed breed dog that we saved from a shopping cart. She used to follow our older dog around mimicking her every move and that's how she got the name Ditto.


I'm originally from a small town in New York and went to school at Wagner College where I received a Bachelor of Science in microbiology with a minor in chemistry. I've been in the veterinary field since 2011.

I love improving an animal's quality of life and being able to assure owners that their cats will be treated like my own.

"Eevee" is my pomeranian who is extremely affectionate and attached. She is very smart and loves to show off her many tricks including how to spin.

"Whiskers" is my long hair black and white cat whose favorite pass time is playing in the backyard.

 "Kayla" is my black and white short hair cutie who loves people and greets everyone at the door. 

Jessica's cat "Whiskers"


Jessica's cat "Kayla"

Jessica's pomeranian "Eevee"

Rena with her cat "Cortana"

I've worked in the veterinary field since 2012. I love being able to help cat owners better understand their cat's problems and providing care for cats in need. I enjoy All About Cats because of the exceptional care that is expected and the kind, helpful team members.

Our cat "Cortana" is a high strung calico that we rescued.

Our cat "Triscuit," who we also rescued, is a large, loving grey tabby.


I have been working in the vet field since 2011. I enjoy seeing the sick animals get better and seeing the joy it brings the family. I like working at All About Cats because I am a "cat freak" and I am practically living the dream and couldn't be happier to be around all the cats and their cat-people!

Brittany's cat "Ronald Weasly" (also know as "Wonton")

"Wonton" is my baby and my favorite thing he does is scream at me around 9-10 pm so we can cuddle together and sleep.

Brittany's cat "Chalupa Batman" (also known as "Taco")

"Taco" is the chillest cat I've ever known. He lets me hold him like a baby.


I have been working in the veterinary field since 2012. I'm originally from Nebraska and attended Kansas State University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. I've been an animal lover my whole life and enjoy working at All About Cats because I get to work with people who are just as passionate about cats as I am!

"Arlo" and "Millie"

"Arlo" is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and "Millie" is my feisty tabby. They get along fantastically and I couldn't ask for better kids!


I am from Hilo, Hawaii and studied pre-veterinary medicine / Biology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I've been working in the veterinary field since 2013. I love being able to contribute to an animal's life and also love being able to give pet owners assurance that compassionate care is being provided for their pet. 

"Dobby" is genetically challenged being a sphynx, curl, and munchkin but I think he is perfection!

"Sensi" and "Sophie"

"Sensi" and "Sophie" were rescued when they were three weeks old. They are literally my babies, I cant live without them!


I  adopted "Missy" at four months old. She was diagnosed with a congenital liver disease and was abandoned at the vet hospital I worked at in Hawaii. Although I am a cat person, she is an exception. Besides, she thinks she's a cat anyway.


I have been in the vet field since 2015 and really love seeing the relief we bring to owners when their babies get better. I love working at All About Cats since I'm such a cat lady and seeing the cats every day makes me happy!

"Lilly" loves to bring me presents she finds outside.

"Bella" brightens my days with her silly facial expressions


I'm from California and have been working in the veterinary field since 2014. I enjoy working with cat owners to help them understand their cat's needs. This helps strengthen the bond between them and their cats. I love working at All About Cats because we're all about high quality care while assuring our patients are the least stressed possible!

"Jezebelle" is my black smoke tabby who loves to explore. She loves snoozing under piles of laundry fresh out of the dryer and tricking us into giving her snacks!

"Chowder" is my young brown tabby who's all about the food life! His favorite hobby is annoying "Jezebelle" and his favorite food is...well anything in his food bowl!



I've worked in the veterinary field since 2017 and started out at a feline-only clinic in Houston, Texas. I graduated from PIMA Medical Institute as a Veterinary Assistant in 2018. I love working with cats because I've been around cats my whole life and find that it's easier to relate to those that also own cats. I enjoy working at All About Cats because I 'm passionate about providing the highest quality care for my feline family.

"Beerus" and "Rocky" were both rescued from a shelter in Texas. They have completely different personalities but are still "two peas in a pod and love each other."   

Nala" and "Tigger" are litter mates, are both very sweet and are great company!